Message from CEO

I have engaged in securities business, financial information and electronic trading related business, marketing, investment consultancy business and consulting.

In recent years I have engaged in forming a number of onshore and offshore funds, and have experience in top management covering from formation of investment management companies to their operation.
I am strong in knowledge of trends of financial and securities surveillance bodies of not only Japan but also other leading nations.

Furthermore, I have also launched funds specializing in FX and natural gas. From a lot of experience, I consider compliance and internal management systems to be the most important things, and carry out operations observing laws and regulations. I am currently living in Singapore, and visit various places in the world, based in Singapore and Japan. I have been involved in emerging nations which follow BRICs such as Bangladesh in recent years. I carry out business on a global basis, utilizing experience in overseas stationing and the English language, having many established human networks both in and outside Japan.